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Comment lutter contre la violence et le harcèlement à l’école et au collège?

Updated on 22 December 2020 Working paper


Algan Yann, Guyon Nina, Huillery Elise. Rapport au Fonds d’expérimentation pour la jeunesse. Avril 2015.


Peer violence in schools is a worrying phenomenon, especially the potential long-term impact it may have on a child’s future. Here we evaluate the effects of a programme of social mediation at school implemented to reduce peer violence. Through a randomised experimental design, we show that the effects of the programme are very important when it is implemented by mediators who are over 25 years old: in middle school, the rate of harassment experienced by pupils is reduced by 11%. Specifically, the programme is extremely beneficial for pupils most exposed to violence: the probability of feeling harassed decreased by 46% in boys in 6th grade and by 26% in girls in 7th grade. Interesting effects on the psychological and social well­-being of students, as well as on student absenteeism and teachers are also visible.