Ebook CORE

CORE is a project led by Wendy Carlin (UCL). It provides an interactive ebook-based introductory economics course. CORE aims to launches new undergraduate economics curriculum. Yann Algan is one of the authors and pilots the French adaptation and translation of the ebook.

CORE is an open-access, interactive ebook-based course for anyone interested in learning about the economy and economics. It is a question-motivated way to learnthe tools of economics. CORE is empirically motivated and illustrated: students learn models motivated by facts from history, experiments and data.

CORE is based on recent developments in economics and other social sciences:

  • Economic actors as both self-interested and ethical
  • Why supply and demand are sometimes not equal, especially in markets for labour and credit
  • Not only equilibria, but also on how prices, quantities, and technologies change
  • The importance of economic rents for the working of a modern capitalist economy
  • How institutions differ among economies, and what difference this makes for macroeconomic performance

CORE is a collaborative project using insights on the economy from a wide range of historical, geographical, disciplinary and methodological perspectives. It is a community of learners and teachers collaborating to make economics accessible and relevant to today’s problems.

All course materials (ebook, teaching notes, quizz, etc.) are freely accessible here: www.core-econ.org.

The CORE project (French adaptation and translation of the ebook) was selected and awarded grant through the calls for projects « Pédagogies innovantes » and « Réussite en licence » launched by University Sorbonne Paris Cité and funded by the Initiative d’excellence du programme des investissements d’avenirlogosCORE