Populism is the product of two seismic shifts. The first seismic shift consists of the the rise of an immense resentment against political parties and institutions. Faced with the failure of the right and the left to contain the excesses of capitalism, “anti-system” radicalism has broken the compromises that both camps have managed to build. The second seismic shift comes from the end of class-based society in favor of a society of individuals who consider their social position in subjective terms. A new polarity results, which separates those who are “confident” in others from those who are “suspicious” of others. The populist right occupies the crossroads of a double dose of mistrust — towards political institutions and towards society. It thrives on democratic disenchantment, while renewing the left-right divide. Based on previously unpublished data, this book is essential to understanding the present and the future of democratic societies.