Vergunst, F., Tremblay, R. E., Nagin, D., Algan, Y., Beasley, E., Park, J., ... & Côté, S. M. (2019). “Association of behavior in boys from low socioeconomic neighborhoods with employment earnings in adulthood”. JAMA pediatrics, 173(4), 334-341.


Which disruptive behaviors in kindergarten are associated with employment earnings in adulthood for boys from low socioeconomic backgrounds?

This 30-year follow-up study of 920 boys found that kindergarten teachers’ ratings of inattention were associated with lower earnings at age 35-36 and prosocial behavior with higher earnings, after adjustment for child IQ and family adversity. Hyperactivity, opposition, and aggression were not associated with earnings. This seems to indicate that preventive interventions targeting children’s inattention and/or limited prosocial behavior could have positive impacts on future employment earnings.